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Paul aka Top Fuel

The Type of Car : Volkswagen Mk2 Golf ( 1991 Mk2 Golf "Driver" (UK only special model) RHD MT )

オーナー:Paul (UK)

車種:91年式 ゴルフ2 "Driver"


イギリスでの限定車で、ドライバーって名前のワーゲンゴルフだそうです。外観はGTI 8Vと似てるんですって。
ボディカラーは、Pasadena Blueという色だそうで、とてもキレイな色のお車です!(^^)

top fuel

top fuel


[ Engine ]
1600cc Weber 32/34 DMTL Carb
Magnecor HT leads
K&N panel Filter
[ Suspension ]
Weitec GT coilovers (currently down about 70mm)
[ Wheels ]
15"x 6.5 Speedline TurboFans
(often refered to as Renault Turbines or Clio 16v's)
[ Tires ]
195/50 15 Yokohama A539
[ Brakes ]
Brembo Discs and Pagid Pads (Front)
[ Exterior ]
Stock Driver spec
16v front lip "Driver" badges removed
Smoked UK number plates
[ Lighting ]
Clear front lenses
Side repeaters
M3 rear lights
[ Interior ]
Fischer CD holder
Panasonic Mp3 head unit
JBL in dash tweeters
JBL front door card speakers
JBL 6x4 in factory positions
Infinity 6" speakers trimmed into rear doorcards
Other Info: Car is often seen sporting a Nevada Lisence plate, roofrack, covered in stickers, missing side trim, building blocks on the parcel shelf, burberry-check scarf... Depends how I feel that day.

top fuel

top fuel

top fuel

ん〜、純正でこの色なんですね? いいなぁ、色んな色のお車を拝見していてオールペイントしたくなってきました!(^^)

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