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Car Speakers dated Jul. 10, 2011.

When the dashboard will be replaced, the following speakers will be installed.

These speakers are made by AVI Sound International, made in Canada. Acutally, I got these car speakers about 10years ago. But I forgot them until now...

AVI Sound International EXPRESS XL

Midbass : XL-130 (13cm / 5.25") (Mounting ring is ER-130)

Car audio, AVI Sound International

Magnet is 365g.

Car audio, AVI Sound International

13cm is good for Volkswagen Golf Mk2, I think.

Car audio, AVI Sound International

Dome Tweeter : HF-25T (25mm / 1") (Variable mount is HF-25Q)

Car speakers, AVI Sound International

Passive Crossover : XN-18XL

Car speakers

MONSTER cable 12 gauge speaker wire

Car speakers

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