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VW GOLF MK2 - Installed - Car Speakers dated Jul. 18, 2011.

The final progress.

After the replacement of dashboard, the following speakers were installed.

These are standard speakers for VW Golf Mk2.

Volkswagen Golf Mk2 - speakers

These speakers will be installed and these are AVI Sound International EXPRESS XL, XL-130 (13cm / 5.25").

AVI speakers - Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

Actually, there are quite different speakers. (Material, magnet size, weight, depth and so on...)

Volkswagen car hi-fi parts

Made in TUNESIA.....?

Mk2 Golf std speakers

These are standard tweeter for VW Golf Mk2. These are installed on the dashboard.

Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

These speakers will be installed and these are AVI Sound International Dome Tweeter : HF-25T (25mm / 1").


And modified standard grill on the dashboard...


My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf speakers

Installed Dome Tweeters.

Car speakers - Golf mk2

And installed Midbass, XL-130 (13cm / 5.25").

Volkswagen Audio

Volkswagen HI FI

VW MK2 Golf

Passive Crossovers were installed into the following position.

VW Golf Mk2 - Speakers

When the dashboard were replaced and installed speakers, the sound deadening materials were also used at several
parts, as I explained before. Those are for "Vibration damper / Noise barrier " and "Soundproofing / Sound insulation".

Also, installed speakers are very good quality and got better sound in my mk2.


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