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Auto Air Conditioner, Conversion Kit

I thought that the air conditioner did not operate correctly. Further, the air compressor was noisy during the operation. And I wanted to try the "Auto Air Conditioner, Conversion Kit" when the air conditioner require the repair. (GIO3 advised me of "Conversion Kit". Thank you so much !)

The air conditioner gas of Mk2 Golf uses "R12". But recently, it is difficult to get "R12" gas because no manufacturer provides new "R12" gas. (Currently, most countries forbid the usage of "R12" because "R12" contains CFC which despoils the environment.) If you use "Auto Air Conditioner, Conversion Kit", you can use "R134a" gas ! :D

I also would like to replace the air compressor (with clutch, rebuilt unit), the receiver dryer, the expansion valve and some O-rings. So I asked it of my doctor (VENTILER).

Anyway, my doctor used the following items. (Those are my request.)

1) Expansion Valve (Part number : 191820679)
2) Receiver Dryer (Part number : 176820191)
3) Auto Air Conditioner, Conversion Kit
4) Super Seal for R134a 5) Air Compressor with clutch (Rebuilt unit) 6) O-rings
7) R134a gas

I got item 1 and 2 from "Imparts Online". Regarding the item 3 and 4, I got them from "SANKEN".

Regarding the rough procedure, please see below.
-Pour the compressor oil (for R134a) into the compressor.
-Replace the Expansion Valve, the Receiver Dryer and O-rings.
-Evacuate the line of the air conditioner system.
-Add the "Conversion Kit" and "Super Seal".

If you use "Super Seal", you must replace the Receiver Dryer.

Expansion Valve
Expansion Valve

Receiver Dryer
Receiver Dryer

Rebuilt air compressor
Rebuilt air compressor

Connector for R134a. ("Conversion Kit" includes this connector.)
Conversion Kit


Anyway, I recommend it !

Auto Air Conditioner, Conversion Kit, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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