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The replacement of ATF by Seijisan

Seijisan provided the report of "The replacement of ATF". Thank you so much !

Let's start !!

-Needed items-

-Parts : Oil Pan Gasket, Filter Gasket (Paper), Filter (Wire gauze type)

-ATF-DEXRON III (About 6 liters)
-Parts Cleaner

-Needed Tools-
Universal tools (Need socket wrench driver), Auto oil changer (If possible), Funnel (for oil), Pan (for old oil ), Empty PET bottle and so on.

Jack up the car. (The front of a car) You have to use "Jack Stand". If you can, keep the high position.
ATF oil pan is just under level gauge.

-Removal of the oil pan and the old ATF-

You need to remove 4 screws of oil pan. But you need to remove the oil pan guard in advance. There is no photo. But you can grasp it if you see.
Regarding the ATF oil pan, there is no oil drain bolt. So loosen screws slightly. (Do not remove screws completely.) And wait that old oil flows out completely.
Please take care of oil flow. (There is possibility that oil splashes your face and body !)

Remove all screws, oil pan and pan gasket.

Oil pan.

-Replacement of the parts and installation-

You can see the filter cover after you removed the oil pan.

Please see below. This photo is the lowermost part of AT. The protruded portion of the lowermost part is the cover of a filter. So remove the filter cover. (There are many screws. So You tend to make a mistake in the position of a screw.)

The cover of filter.

The filter gasket (paper) is inside a cover. So remove it also.

At that time, you can find out there are many steel powder on the filter and cover. So clean the cover with part cleaner. And replace the oil pan gasket, the filter gasket (paper) and the filter (wire gauze type)

-The replacement of ATF- Pour in ATF from a level gauge hole. (2-2.5 liters) It is convenient if there is the funnel with a bellows hose.

Start the engine. And keep "D" range. After that, change to the several shift ranges.(1, 2, D and R)

After that, use the auto oil changer. The waste oil extracted to the empty PET bottle is collected, and quantity is measured.

After that, pour in ATF from a level gauge hole again. (The quantity is the same as the waste oil.)
Regarding this process, please do several times.
(Seijisan did 3 times and used 6 liter.)

-Check the level of ATF- Start the engine. After the LLC is the correct temperature, you should measure with "N" shift range.
The correct point is in the middle of level gauge.

-About auto oil changer-
Regarding the auto oil changer, it is not expensive. So if possible, you had better get it.

- Seijisan's impression -
I got the ATF-DEXRON III at COSTCO. It was very cheap. So I could it unstintingly.
I could remove many steel powder on the filter and cover. I think that I was very good on mental health !! :D
The auto oil changer is very useful item. Also, it is very cheap, I think.

When you check the oil level, you have to operate the engine and shift range must keep "N" range. If you do not start the engine and measure it, 1 liter or more is indicated.
The shift shock decrease sharply after the replacement.

It is better to ask a specialty store, if you asked of the store.
If you do it yourself, please note that you have to take any responsibility for that.

Thank you so much for the detailed report, Seijisan !!
I would like to do the same replacement !!!

The replacement of ATF ( auto tranmision fruid ) by Seijisan, Volkswagen Golf Mk2

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