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Transmission swap (AT for MT), Page 1

Swapped Automatic Transmission for Manual Transmission ! (This manual transmission is from GTI 16V.)

My friend, Mackey did all work ! Mackey, thank you so much !! :)

Please note that my golf mk2 is RHD. And this transmission is from GTI 16V. It is LHD. So I have to get some additional parts when this swap is completed. Anyway, I got the following parts (and some small parts....)

- Golf GTI 16V (LHD) It was VERY good condition. ;-) *1
- Pedal assembly including brake switch, throttle cable, clutch cable (manual adjusting) and speedometer cable for RHD
- Throttle body for manual transmission (19RV)
- Clutch kit、Shift linkage parts
- Coolant hose, 2pcs *2


The removed parts from GTI is transmission assembly including starter assembly and bracket for transmission mount and shift linkage assembly.

Auto transmission of my mk2 has oil cooler. That is to say, 2 coolant hoses connect with transmission. So 2 coolant hoses also have to be replaced.

And there some small parts and wires...

Regarding the rough installation, please see below ! :)

Replacement of Pedal Assembly

When the pedal assembly is replaced, steering bracket has to be removed. This bracket is fixed with 2 tight bolts. It was difficult to remove them...

AT to MT AT to MT

Auto and Manual pedal assemblies. :)
AT to MT

AT to MT

Auto transmission removal

AT to MT AT to MT

AT to MT AT to MT

AT to MT



Transmission swap (AT for MT), My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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