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Ben's CLi (Osaka, Japan)

The Type of Car : Volkswagen Mk2 Golf (1990 CLi RHD MT )

As you know, the stock engine is 1.8L. But This mk2 is tuned and it's 2L.

Ben's CLi Ben's CLi

Ben's CLi


Suspension and shocks
BILSTEIN and Eibach
Front brakes
ap Lockheed
Wheels and Tires
Before : Borbet(14inch) Now : TE37(15inch) Tires : RE-01
Head lights
Lip front
GTI (Stock)
Rear spoiler
Racing hummer
2L Cylinder block, Forged piston, Sport camshaft, Sport valve springs and Titan-retainer
Head Port-Polishing, Blue coil, Ultra plug wires and Iridium plugs
Direct air cleaner, Exhaust Manifold (COX), Muffler

Front lower arm bushes replacement, Canard spoilers,
Foaming urethane reinforcement kit and Blue mirrors.

Ben's CLi

Ben's CLi

Blue mirrors
Ben's CLi

He replaced this one. ;) This car got more power from 4000 rpm.
Ben's CLi

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