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The replacement of the Center Muffler, VWGOLF2

I visited Chikurosan and replaced the center mufler. Chikurosan helped me ! Thank you so much !

Why did I replace ?? I found out the hole !:-(

The hole position is located at behind the silencer. There was the rust !!:-( That position tends to rust.

I got the center muffler from "Parts Sagami". "Parts Sagami" deals with VW OEM products in Japan. He helps me everytime ! Thank you so much !

Regarding this center muffler, "ERNST" is indicated.

I thought that it was easy to replace. But it was very hard work !

Each joint adhered completely because of rust ! I could not remove them easily.... So Chikurosan cut those positions using Rotary Sander ! (He cut them without damaging the pipe of the catalyzer ! Thank you ! )


This is the End Muffler. Can you see the rusted pipe ?

So I installed new center muffler. I applied "high temperature silicon gasket" to the joints. It prevents the leakage of exhaust.

It is Morimori !:D It was a troublesome work.....

Finish !
Can you see the orange gasket ?
007 008

The hole may be open if you are not exchanging once. Please confirm it !

The replacement of the Center Mufler (Exhaust), My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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