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Installation of Headlight Alarm for VW MK2 GOLF

I got a headlight alarm and installed it into my Mk2 Golf. It's made by Kohmurasan.

Headlight alarm

Circuit, Headlight warning alarm

head light alarm circuit
The minus (-) line connects with ACC line.
The plus (+) line connects with 58L (or 58R) of the headlight switch.

But actually, I installed it into the lines of VDO Volt gauge.
The minus line connected with the plus line of the Volt gauge. And the plus line connected with the plus line of the back light of it.

Please see below.

Headlight alarm

Finally, the alarm is to sound buzzer if the headlights are turned on and the key is in the "ignition off".

Installation - Headlight Alarm, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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