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The replacement of Idle Stabilizer (Idle Control Valve)

Regarding the Morimori's Golf, the idling was unstable. :-(

So I got the used idle stabilizer.

Oh ! It is dirty !!
Idle Stabilizer

So I polished it ! :D

I sanded with "800 grit paper". After that, I polished it using the compound.

Is it like a new product ?! :D
Beautiful ! But it is used !

Of course, I cleaned the inside of the stabilizer. (I used "carburetor cleaner".)

And I replaced.
loosen a band and remove the pipe of rubber. (Yellow circle)
Remove the connector. (Blue circle)
Remove the black rubber band. (White circle) Please note that this rubber band tends to break.
engine room

I cleaned the inside of the stabilizer many times. It is important, I think. Finally, I sprayed the inside of it with lubricant .
Finish !

I could get the stable idling ! :D If the idling is unstable, please try to clean the inside of the idle stabilizer.

Replacement of Idle Stabilizer (Idle Control Valve), My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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