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Inner Fender Liner

As you maybe know, the inner fender liners are installed into golf mk2 normally.

But the front fenders of my VW Golf are "Special Blister Fenders". So there are no inner fenders...

Therefore, tire/road noise and muddy water come in my car...

So I covered this area with "small" inner fender liners...

Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Make the paper pattern. (using cardboard)

Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Cut the plastic board.

Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Install into that place using the existing bolt holes. That's all.

Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Black out using black alu tape.

Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Consequently, the noise has decreased.

"small" inner fender liners - My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf