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The installation of Ionfeel (Minus Ion Deodorizer )

This product is the Air Purifier and provide the negative ion. I found out this product at store and got it. Maybe, it was impulse buying ! :D

Please see below !

And the selling point is ;

"You can get the very good feeling by the powerful negative ion and strong deodorization !"

Wow ! :D

And the manual says, "The effectiveness maintains semipermanent." Oh, really ?!
Product name is "Ion feel 3". 3 ? Were there 1 and 2 ?! :D
Anyway, I opened the package.

Wow, it is stylish ! ( Stylish ?? )

Anyway, I installed it.

Oh, it is too big for My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf !! I should have considered the size.....

So I removed it soon.....

The installation of Ionfeel, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf