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Keyless Entry System, My Volkswagen Golf Mk2

I installed the keyless entry system into the Morimori's Golf Mk2.
Regarding the installation, GIO3 advised me. Thank you so much ! :D

Now, I got the keyless entry system from this shop. Morimori's Golf Mk2 has the central lock system. If your Golf Mk2 has the central lock system, you have only to install one motor into driver's door. But if your Golf does not have the central lock system, you need to install a motor into each door.

I explain rough installation. (Because there are few photos....)

At first, remove the lining of the driver's door. And fix the stay. ( It is the base of motor. )
Please see below. ( You use the existing holes. )
key less 1

This stay is the base of motor. You need to look for the suitable position that the motor can move completely.
Regarding this keyless entry system, you need to connect between the motor and the existing door lock rod using the attached rod. So you need to process an attached stick into suitable form.

Regarding this process, if you have the "Vice Grip Locking Plier", you can bend the rod easily.

And fix the processed rod and the existing door lock rod using the attached part.

After that, fix the motor firmly. And confirm that motor can move completely without any stress.

Next step !
Regarding the Morimori's Golf Mk2, red (anode), black (cathode), blue and green (for motor) lines are connected except "answer back" lines.

Regarding the earth line (black line), I put it into door panel and drew other cables indoors through bellows.

To be continued !

Keyless Remote Door Lock, My Volkswagen Golf Mk2

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