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KH's Ci  (Japan)

The Type of Car : Volkswagen Mk2 Golf ( 1985 MK2 Golf Ci RHD MT )

This is KH's Golf!

Regarding this mk2, swapped for 9A Engine and 4AT! And there are many modifications!

KH's Mk2

[ Exterior and so on. ]
Big Bumper (Front and Rear)
Rear Spoiler (Metal Plast)

KH's Mk2 KH's Mk2

KH's Mk2

[ Engine, Transmission and Suspension ]
Swapped for 9A Engine (Special tuned Engine ;-) )

MSD Spark System
Special Spark Plug Wires
Samco Hoese
Vernier Sprocket
Special Radiator
Exhaust Manifold
Suspensions and Shocks : KONI ( ride height adjustments )
Eibach Anti-Sway Bar
Many Polyurethane Bushings
Front Brakes : 280mm drilled disc brakes and 4 pot caliper
Rear Brakes : Swapped for Disc Brakes, 22mm Alu-Master Cylinder
Transmission : Swapped for 4 AT
KH's Mk2

[ Interior ]
'91 GTI Headliner and rear seat
Front seats : Recaro SR3

KH's Mk2

KH's Mk2

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