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LED, Air Conditioner Panel Lights
(Using Corrado Panel)


I got Corrado Air Conditioner Panel. Thanks, Ike-Corra ! :)

I replaced this bulb with the LED lights !
I explain the installation ! Please see below...:)

This is stock panel of Golf Mk2.
And, this is Corrado panel.
Car Led Bulbsac_panel
As you can maybe see, the position of levers is quite different.

The light penetrate this Corrado switch. See below.
Car Led Bulbs

Now, take the panel to pieces. There are 3 parts.
Car Led Bulbs

Please see the following pic. It's rear side of the panel. And there is green painting.
So if I install white LEDs, the light color will be green....
Car Led Bulbs

So I scraped green painting with like a needle. Also, I changed "0" to VW emblem. :D
Yeah, I got white ! :D (Please note that I also scraped small panel for dial.)
Car Led Bulbs

Next ! Installation of LEDs ! I installed 3 LEDs (5mm) with 1 CRD ( CRD = Current Regulating Diode).
(If you wanna know the general connection, please click here.)

Regarding 2 LEDs, I scraped and plugged them into the hole of plastic panel. (I made 2 holes for 2 LEDs.)
And I installed 1 LED into the top of plastic panel. Mmmmm.... It's difficult for me to explain. Anyway, please see below! :)
Car Led Bulbs Car Led Bulbs

After that, I tested LED lights. But unfortunaterly, red line of heater was slightly dark...

So I scraped red line !
And I painted "white sheet" red.
Car Led BulbsCar Led Bulbs

Combined ! :D
Car Led Bulbs

After that, assembled all parts. Finished !

I will explain the installation into Mk2. Next page ! :D

LED, Air Conditioner Panel Lights (Using Corrado Panel), My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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Car Led Bulbs/My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf