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LED, three VDO Gauges

Oichan advised me, the bulbs of VDO meter is the "wedge type" socket. There are many "wedge type" sockets at stores ! So I replaced the standard sockets with the "wedge type" sockets immediately ! :D

There are standard bulbs in the black sockets.
You can remove them easily.
Car LED rear view

I used "BELLOF" LEDs. Regarding this LED, the directivity is very wide ! ( Direction Characteristics : 140 degrees )
Please see below. (Left : standard bulb. Right : BELLOF LED. )
Car LED bulb and led

Please see below. This LED looks blue slightly. For the reference, left side is standard bulb. Regarding Morimori's Golf, there is Mk2 Golf minicar in the middle of 2 DIN center console !! It looks bule also. So the atmosphere is unified ! :D
Car LED bulb, led and led !


I recommend this modification ! :D

LED, three VDO Gauges, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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Car LED and HID, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf