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Mackey's GTI (Japan)

The Type of Car : Volkswagen Mk2 Golf ( 1988 GTI16V LHD MT )

Mackey's GTI Mackey's GTI

BILSTEIN (Ennepetal) 12k/14k (with Pillow Ball Upper Mounts)
Engine : Swapped (Same type)
Wheels : ENKEI
Muffler : Titan
Oil Cooler : Original
High Performance Bush Kit
Brakes : Pad : Marvelos and GIGA / Rotor : ap Lockheed
Steering Wheel : Nardi Competition
Strut Tower Bar
Lower Bar
Headlights : HID
Badgeless Grill with carbon fiber color
Driver's Seat : RECARO SP-G
Passenger Seat : RECARO (ISUZU Stocked item)
Audio : Nakamichi, a/d/s
ETC(Electronic Toll Collection System)
Rear Hatch Spoiler : Racing Hummer
And so on !!

Mackey's GTI

RECARO Seats !Minicar !Mirror position is changed !
Mackey's GTI Mackey's GTI Mackey's GTI

ETC is installed into the upper side.
Mackey's GTI

a/d/s SpeakersPillow Ball Upper Mounts
Mackey's GTIMackey's GTI

Mackey's GTI

Mackey's GTI

He has 2 Mk2s ! One is GTI and the other is CLi. Regarding the CLi, please click below. :)

Mackey's GTI

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