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Matsumoto's LEGACY (Kanagawa, Japan)

The Type of Car : SUBARU LEGACY ( 2001 LEGACY GT-B R-tune 5MT )

This is Matsumoto's LEGACY !
It's 280PS. Wow, is that several times as much power as Morimori's mk2 ?! :D

The keyless entry system and HID are installed as standard. (Morimori managed to installed them into mk2...)


Turbo Timer (BLITZ)
Fog Lights (RAYBRIG)
Ground Wire Kit (of his own making)
Magnets Tuning (of his own making)
Strengthened Intercooler Hose Clamp
Electronic Boost Gauge (Defi)
Electric Oil Gauge (Defi)
Iridium Power spark Plugs (DENSO)
Muffler : Before ; Fujitsubo, After ; BLITZ
Sport VSD (Defi)
Brake Pad : Dspeed G2 (Cheap and Good feeling !)
McIntosh car stereo(Factory Options)
HDD Navigation (carrozzeria)
Radar Detector (with GPS Model )

Matsumoto's LEGACY Matsumoto's LEGACY

Matsumoto's LEGACY

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