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Nakamura's CLD turbo (Tokyo, Japan)

The Type of Car : Volkswagen Mk2 Golf ( 1986 CLD turbo RHD MT )

This is Nakamura's CLD turbo. It's 1600cc.

1600cc Diesel Turbo is becoming gradually very rare car in Japan.
Nakamura's CLD turbo

He got this car as a new car in 1986 and continues to drive this CLD turbo.
Nakamura's CLD turbo Nakamura's CLD turbo


Semi-overhauled in Feb., 2004.
And installed Tourmaline Kit.
Suspension and shocks 

Semi-Country style ?? ;-)
Front : Passat shocks & Golf Mk2 Syncro springs
Rear : Country shocks & springs
Golf Mk1 emblem (Golf LS)
InteriorHe installed Subwoofer under the driver's seat and replaced the stock seat with RECARO seat.

He installed the above suspensions and shocks. So the height is so mysterious. :)
Nakamura's CLD turbo

Nakamura's CLD turbo

Nakamura's CLD turbo Nakamura's CLD turbo

Nakamura's CLD turbo

There are many switches !

Nakamura's CLD turbo Nakamura's CLD turbo
The upper left

ACC Switch
He appropriated the fog switch. One step
becomes ACC. In the case of two steps
position, map light is switched on.
The right aboveRear Window Defogger Switch
The upper rightHazard Lamps Switch
The lower leftAntenna Switch
The right under

Air Conditioner Kill Switch
He appropriated the head lights switch.
The lower rightWiper Speed Controller
The upper sideFog Lamps Switch
The lower sideHead Lights Switch

Nakamura's CLD turbo

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