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Takegawa's Corrado G60 (Nara, Japan)

The Type of Car :Volkswagen Corrado G60 (1992 LHD 5MT )

Takegawa's Corrado G60

Takegawa's Corrado G60 Takegawa's Corrado G60

Head Lights : BELLOF HID (H4)
Brake pads : KRANZ GIGA's (Front / Rear)
Suspensions and Shocks : SACHS
Wheels : NEEZ (Porsche RS-ONE 8.5J-17 Ivory painted)
Tires : DUNLOP SP9000-40-17
Wheel spacers (25mm), To change the pitch from 4/100 to 5/130.
Muffler : Super Sprint
Steering Wheel : momo RACE
Shift Knob : AUDI RS4 (6MT)
Clear Side Repeaters
Short Roof Antenna
Single Wiper
ABT Sport Air Cleaner
Ground Wire Kit (Profi Original)
SPARCO Aluminium Pedal

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