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The replacement of Tires

When I went shopping and parked Morimori's Golf at the parking lot, I felt that something was wrong. What's happening !? The right rear tire blew out ! :-(

I asked the tire shop for mending a puncture. I looked at the repair. It was interesting ! :D He thrust a thing like chewing gum into the hole. Anyway he mended a puncture. But he said, "You had better replace it because the position is bad."

Repair !

I think so. But I do not have money ! :-( So I replaced 2 tires only... The tire is "YOKOHAMA ADVAN NEOVA". Currently, the specs. was revised. So I also replaced the tire of order. That is to say, the front tires are AD07 and the rear tires are still AD05. As you can see, the patterns completely differ.

Please see below. This is the old NEOVA. (AD05)

And this is the new NEOVA. (AD07)

Neova is noisy. But it has high grip power. So I currently like "NEOVA".

The replacement of Tires., My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf