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Sabi Changer and Touch-up Pencil

Regarding the Morimori's Golf, there were some small bald spots of the paint.

Since I left those points, I found the part which rust has generated.:-(

Therefore, the place which has rusted was restored so that it might not go on any more.

Hangaisan advised of the good item. Thank you ! :D It is made by "Holts". (Is it English brand ??? Or Japanese brand ??? ) Anyway, the product name is "Sabi Changer". "Sabi" is Japanese word. It means "Rust".

It is useful item because if you use "Sabi Changer" on the rust point. That point will not rust by chemical reaction.

Rust point !

I used "Sabi Changer". I must wait about 8 hours after I applied "Sabi Changer" on the rust point.

After that, I used "Touch-up Pencil". Morimori's color code indicates in the trunk room. And the color code is "LA5U". As you can see, "LA5U" is indicated.

Please see below. This is "Touch-up Pencil".

Regarding Japanese situation, if we need the spray can, we go to big store. And if we inform of the color code, the store will make it. So if we need to paint large place, we get the spray can.

Anyway, I painted the rust point using "Touch-up Pencil". Please see below.

I love my mk2 Golf. So I think I have to check those points regularly.

Sabi Changer and Touch-up Pencil, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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