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Manual Transmission Oil Change

I changed the manual transmission oil. Regarding the transmission oil, I used "ALiSYN Pro Gear 21" at this time.

( This pic is motor oil. I forgot to take a pic of transmission oil. )

Manual Transmission Oil Change

Let's start !!

- Needed items and parts -

- Transmission Oil
- Parts Cleaner
- 17mm hex wrentch
- Oil Changer or Tube
- Oil Drain Container
- Floor Jack and Jack Stand

Jack up the car. (The front of a car) You have to use "Jack Stand" for your safety. And remove left wheel.

( My Golf's front fenders are blister fenders. There is lager space. So I did not remove the left wheel. ;-) )

Manual Transmission Oil Change

Loosen the side bolt on the trans slightly. (Using 17mm hex wrentch )
( If you take out the bottom drain bolt at first and cannot remove the side bolt, you cannot fill the transmission with the oil. So you had better confirm to remove the side bolt. )

Manual Transmission Oil Change

Take out the bottom drain bolt. (Using 17mm hex wrentch )

Manual Transmission Oil Change

Clean up those bolts using part cleaner. :)

Manual Transmission Oil Change

Tighten the drain bolt and fill the transmission with the oil through the side.

Manual Transmission Oil Change

If you have the auto oil Changer when you fill the oil into the transmission, it will be very easy. But if you don't, connect a tube (flexible pipe) to the top of the oil bottle. You can fill the oil easily. :)

"ALiSYN Pro Gear 21" is nice for me.

Manual Transmission Oil Change, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf