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The replacement of V-belts, VWGOLF 2

Mackeysan and Okadasan helped to replace the v-belts. Thank you so much !

Actually, I thought of the replacement of the alternator belt only. But I have to remove P/S belt and A/C belt also when I remove the alternator belt. So I replaced the ALT belt, A/C belt and P/C belt at the same time.

Let's start !!

-Needed Parts-
1) V-belt for Air Compressor (A/C) : 13X950
2) V-belt for Power Steering Pump (P/S) : 10X630
3) V-belt for Alternator (ALT) : 10X630
*Morimori's Golf is 1991 model. Regarding the P/S belt of 1991 model, there are 2 types. One is 10X730. The other is 10X630. 10X630 is installed into Morimori's Golf.


-Needed Tools-
Floor Jack, Socket wrench driver (10mm, 13mm and 17mm), Hex wrench (8mm)

1) Jack Up
This photo shows the jack point of the car.
Jack up

2) Remove the under cover. (Use 10mm, 2 positions.)
The under cover is not installed into the some models. But it is useful part during rainy day driving. ( This cover prevents the V-belts slipping.
Under cover

3) Loosen 3 bolts of P/S.
Regarding 2 positions, please see below.
There is the last one bolt in the inner part of the arrow.

And loosen the long bolt of P/S pump. After that, the belt will loosen after the P/S pump is pushed up.

4) Loosen 2 bolts of A/C. (13mm)
Regarding the 2 positions, please see below.

5) Loosen the following bolt if needed. (8mm hex bolt)

The belt will loosen after the A/C is pushed down.

6) Loosen the bolt of ALT (Double nuts (?) 13mm and 17mm)

After that, remove the existing belts. And install new belts.

Finish !

Update : 2006/8/E

I replaced the v-belts again. I used the different sizes about V-belts for Power Steering Pump (P/S) and Alternator (ALT).

-Needed Parts-
1) V-belt for Air Compressor (A/C) : 13X950
2) V-belt for Power Steering Pump (P/S) : 10X635
3) V-belt for Alternator (ALT) : 10X635


Actually, it is easy to replace using those belts.

The replacement of V-belts, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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