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Water leak from doors ( Repair ) by Ichitarosan

Ichitarosan reported the repair of the water leakage from doors. Thank you so much!

If you have the same problem, please read the following information!


When it rains, if your golf mk2 has the water leak problem, there is possibility that the cause of it is the plastic sheet behind the door card.

[ The cause of leaks and structure ]

Please see the following 2 pictures. The check points are the two red lines. Water normally comes into the inside of door through the window slot seal.
After that, water runs "Water route A" or "Water route B" and runs out through the drain holes. (See the right sketch.)

Regarding the "Water route A", it goes to the drain holes directly. So it's no problem. However, regarding the "Water route B", water flows through the plastic sheet and runs out through the drain holes. So if the two red lines' area is not bonded firmly, it is the cause of leaks.
Finally, the floors will be soaked with water......

[ Corrective Action ]

Confirm if the two red lines' area is bonded firmly. If no, remove the two red lines' area, clean up and bond it firmly again.

That's all!

Thank you so much for the detailed report, Ichitarosan !!


Water leak from doors ( Repair ), Volkswagen Golf Mk2

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