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The installation of White Gauge with LED and Rings
by Doiguchisan

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3) Modification of LEDs

Scraped the top of the LEDs. If scraped off, light illuminated a large area.

Doiguchsan meter         Doiguchsan meter
You can see "before" and "after".
4) Install LED into circuit board and wiring

Doiguchisan cut the circuit board and install LED into it.
And he used 3 LEDs per 1 board. And 2 boards will be installed into gauge.
(When you install LEDs, you need resistor also. Please see pic.)

Doiguchsan meter
5) Install LED assemblies into the illumination case

Doiguchsan meter         Doiguchsan meter

6) Test

If LEDs operate normally, install the illumination case into the gauge

 Doiguchsan meter

3. Gauge Rings

1) Parts

Doigushisan got this funnel. It is made from stainless. He modified it!

 Doiguchsan meter

2) Modify and install

He cut this funnel using sander. After that, he sanded down that section.

Doiguchsan meter


Doiguchsan meter

Ring with brackets
Doiguchsan meter         Doiguchsan meter


Doiguchsan meter

Installed! This pic is nighttime.

Doiguchsan meter

Thank you so much for the nice report, Doiguchisan !!
Your idea is very so nice! Please keep up the good work!

The installation of White Gauge with LED and Gauge Rings by Doiguchisan, Volkswagen Golf Mk2

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