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The installation of Speed Lift

Okadasan sold the bonnet lifter to me at low price. Thank you ! :D So I installed it into Morimori's VW Mk2 Golf. It is made by "JAMEX". And the product name is "SPEED LIFT".

Regarding this installation, it is NOT correct installation. So this is your reference only. ( I do not take any responsibility for it ! )

Please see below. This is "SPEED LIFT".

For your reference, the following is the correct installation. You must make an additional hole.
It is correct installation !

I did NOT make an additional hole !:D ( Okadasan advise me of this installation. ) I used the existing holes. But if you use the existing holes, there is possibility that you cannot shut the bonnet completely. So I adjusted in order to shut the bonnet completely. I explain it.

Please see below. Those points are the existing holes that I used.
You can see 2 yellow holes.

Install the attached screws. Please see below.
Screw! screw!

And install the lift bar. If you shut the bonnet at this situation, there is possibility that you cannot shut it completely because this bar hits other position.

So I hit the interfering position using the steel hammer !!:-O

I confirmed the interfering position very often. "IF" you try it, you should remove the lift bar when you use the hammer. ( I do not recommend it ! ;-) )

Where is the hit position ?! Please see below.
Ouch !

Of course, the paint comes off ! So I repainted that position with the touch up pencil.

Finally, I put the attached hook on the both screw head.

Finish !

If I raise by hand lightly when I open a hood, it will open to the last easily ! :D
I like this hood lifter very much ! :D
Wow ! Wow !

If you are interested, please try it !
But I do not recommend it because you hit your favorite VW Mk2 Golf using the steel hammer ! You maybe hear your favorite Mk2 Golf cry out !!! ;-)

The installation of Bonnet Lifter (Hood Lifter), My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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