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Wheels and Tires, Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Wheels :
15 inches. The name is Division 3. But Morimori does not know details ! =)
Regarding the weight, it is very light. Morimori likes those wheels. ( White color is good, Morimori thinks. )

Tires :
YOKOHAMA ADVAN NEOVA ( Front : AD07, Rear : AD05 ) ( 195-50-R15 )
Neova is noisy. But it has high grip power.

The sticker is "A2 Gundan" which is Japanese owners' club of Golf Mk2.

Recently, Morimori replaced tires. So front tires are AD07.
And rear tires are still AD05.
As you can see, the patterns completely differ. Why did Morimori replace the tires ?? Please click here ! :D

Old NEOVA (AD05)
New NEOVA (AD07)

Update : Dec. 27, 2003.

Wheels and Tires, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf