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White Gauge with White LED

Regarding Morimori's mk2 golf, I replaced standard speed meter with white speed meter. Also, I replaced the existing lights with LED lights.

Regarding this work, many friends helped me ! :D
Special thanks : Poka2san, Mashibasan, Miurasan, Satosan and Papasan ! :D

By the way, there are not many photos during work because I was too engrossed in my work !!

At first, get the spare speed meter ! :D
Standard meter

Disassemble this meter. The following photo is rear view.
rear view

White circles : bolts (8 pcs )
Red circles : nuts (4 pcs )
Blue circle : minus screw
Yellow circle : bulb sockets ( You can remove if you revolve this socket at right angle. )

Remove the above items. When you remove those parts, please take care of blue sheet. (This is like an electrical board. If you cut it, the meter does not work.... :-( )

Dismantled !:D

In fact, I worked it timidly !! Anyway, if you do that, it requires careful handling.

Next step
Remove pointers of both meters.
Both pointers stick tightly. If you cannot remove it, you had better use lubricant. Regarding this work, please do not rush it !;-)

Regarding the meter panels, those are fixed with 2 screws. So remove those screws also.

Also remove the water temperature meter, gas meter and warning indicators.

Oh ! Those are meters !! Those look happily !! :D

Next step
Stick the white meter.
Regarding this meter, Papasan provided it to me. It is VERY beautiful ! Thank you so much !
Papasan meter

I painted pointers blue !

To be continued !

White Gauge with White LED, My Volkswagen Mk2 Golf

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